Current Status

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up API Server 100.000 %
up Client Area 99.865 %
up Dallas Network 02 100.000 %
up Dallas Nwtwok 01 100.000 %
up DAX/Main Server 100.000 %
up Lenoir Network 01 100.000 %
up Node01_TX 99.984 %
up NYC Network 01 99.876 %
up SH01_TX 99.999 %
up SH01_VA 100.000 %
up Vint Hill Network 01 100.000 %
Updated at 7:54 pm

Incident History

(Resolved) NYC Network 01 is down

Date: 09/15/2020, @ 14:30 (02:30 PM) EST Services Affected: Backup01 and VPN VPN-NYC 01 Current Status: Resolved Resolved - The issue has been resolved.  In Progress – After looking at the problem we have found out that we have a bad switch. We are configuring and...

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(Resolved) #14218279: SH101 Scheduled Maintenance

Hello, Maintenance is required for SH101. The host will be rebooted, and a number of critical updates will be installed. These include general performance improvements, enhancements to networking throughput, and a BIOS upgrade intended to address the primary cause of...

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(Resolved) Client Area and mail01 is down.

Date: 07/11/2020, @ 14:30 (02:30 PM) EST Services Affected: Mail01 and Client Area Current Status: Resolved Resolved - This issue has now been resolved. Monitoring - The data center has reported that this issue has now been resolved. We’ll keep an eye on it and send...

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(Resolved) Mail01 is down due to a DDoS attack

The server has been under attack and due to the size the mitigation has nulled the IP. We're working with the DC to get things back online in a safe manner. Resolved -  The issue has now been resolved. If you have any questions, please send a support ticket....

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(Resolved) NODE01 is offline | 6-11-20

Original Report: At 01:50 AM EDT, we were notified by monitoring software that VPS Node Node01 was not available.  We are further investigating the issue now and once we have more information, it will be posted here. Update at 03:15 AM EDT 6/11/2020: We are unable to...

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